CNCezPRO™ Software

Real-Time 3D Graphics Simulation for Computer Numerical Control

N_ G03 X_ Y_ Z_ I_ J_ K_ F_ or N_ G03 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ F_
The G03 is a counterclockwise radial feed move
Example G03
N05 G90 G20 G17
N10 M06 T2
N15 M03 S1200
N20 G00 X2 Y0.5
N25 Z0.125
N30 G01 Z-0.125 F5
N35 X3 F15
N40 G03 X3.5 Y1 R0.5 (G03 ARC USING R VALUE)
N45 G01 Y3
N50 G03 X3 Y3.5 I-0.5 J0 (G03 ARC USING I AND J)
N55 G01 X2
N60 G03 X2 Y1.5 I0 J-1 (180 DEGREE ARC USING I AND J)
N65 G01 Y0.5
N70 G00 Z0.1
N75 X1.5 Y2.5
N80 G01 Z-0.25 F5
N85 G03 X1.5 Y2.5 I0.5 J0 (FULL CIRCLE USING I AND J)
N90 G00 Z1
N95 X0 Y0
N100 M05
N105 M30