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G19 YZ Plane
N_ G19
The G19 command sets the YZ plane as the main machining plane for specifying circular interpolation moves and/or cutter compensation.
Example G19
N5 G90 G20 G17 (SET XY PLANE)
N10 M06 T2
N15 M03 S1200
N20 G00 X0 Y0
N25 Z0.1
N30 G01 Z0 F5
N35 G19 G03 Y1 Z0 J0.5 K0 (SET YZ PLANE)
N40 G01 X1.5 Y2 F10
N45 G02 Y0 Z0 J-1 K0 F5
N50 G00 Z1
N55 X0 Y0
N60 M05
N65 M30