CNCezPRO™ Software

Real-Time 3D Graphics Simulation for Computer Numerical Control

N_ G20
The G20 command defaults the system to inch units. When a program is being run and the G20 command is encountered, all coordinates are stated as inch units. This command is usually found at the beginning of a program. However, it can be used to switch between inch and metric units while the middle of a program.
Example G20
N5 G90
N10 G20 G40
N15 T0101
N20 M03
N25 G00 Z0.1
N30 X0.5
N35 G01 Z0 F0.015
N40 G03 X1 Z-0.25 I0 K-0.25
N45 G00 X4 Z3
N50 T0100 M05
N55 M30