CNCezPRO™ Software

Real-Time 3D Graphics Simulation for Computer Numerical Control

N_ G72
The G72 command automatically faces off a part to a predefined profile, with preset offsets and feedrates leaving an allowance for finishing. It reads a program segment specified by the P and Q letter addresses and determines the number of passes, the depth of cut for each pass, and the number of repeat passes for the cycle.
Example G72
N5 G90 G20
N10 T0101
N15 M03
N20 G00 X1 Z0.1 M08
N25 G72 P30 Q50 U0.05 W0.05 D500 F0.012
N30 G00 Z-0.5 (G01 X0 Z0.1)
N35 G03 X0.5 Z-0.25 I-0.25 K0 (X0.25)
N40 G01 X0.25 Z-0.125 (Z-0.125)
N45 X0.25 (X0.5 Z-0.25)
N50 Z0.1 (G02 X1 Z-0.5 I0.25 K0)
N55 G00 X4 Z3 T0100
N80 Z3 M09
N85 T0200 M05
N90 M30