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G74 Peck Drilling Cycle
N_ G74 X0 Z_ K_ F_
The G74 command involves individual peck moves in each drilling operation. When this command is invoked, the tool positions itself as in a standard G81 drill cycle. The K value specifies the peck depth.
Example G74
N5 G20 G98
N10 T1212 M08
N15 M03 S2000
N20 G00 X0
N25 Z0.1
N30 G01 Z-0.2 F2
N35 G00 Z3
N40 X3 T1200
N45 T1010
N50 G00 X0
N55 Z0.1
N60 G74 X0 Z-1.5 K0.125 F0.5
N65 G00 Z3
N70 X4 M09
N75 T1000 M05
N80 M30